Missoula in Motion encourages people to join the 'clear the air' challenge

Courtesy: Missoula in Motion Facebook Event Page

MISSOULA - If you're still looking for a New Year's resolution, the City of Missoula and Missoula in Motion is encouraging people to join the clear air challenge.

The clear air challenge is all about sustainable transportation, and encouraging people to carpool or take the bus to help keep the air clean in the Garden City.

The challenge lasts the entire month of January and encourages people to compete against other Missoulians by  logging their commute online whenever they carpool, walk, or take the bus. 

However, it's also about calling attention to things people may not even think is harmful to the environment, like ridling a car.

"Just reminding people that if they're waiting to pick someone up, picking their kid up at school, going through the drive through, just encouraging you to shut your engine off just to save on that exhaust," said Katherine Auge, Missoula in Motion project coordinator.

During the winter months, Missoula experiences inversion, which basically means a dense layer of cold air acts like a lid and prevents pollutants from rising. These pollutants then get stuck on the valley floor and people end up breathing it in every day.

According to Missoula in Motion, transportation is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Missoula, accounting for 40% of all emissions.

Those that participate in the challenge have an opportunity to win prizes and help the overall quality of life in Missoula.

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