Bikes and Snow

Some Missoula cyclists feel uneasy about their traveling safety on winter roads, and they're looking to the city for help.

Brandon Wasser has ridden his bike almost exclusively for the last year and a half. He says snow and ice get piled on bike lanes and sidewalks during the winter months, and those piles are safety hazards for people who rely on biking to get around town. 

"I think it's frustrating that we can't...get around on our bikes in a convenient way, and be able to do it safely," Wasser said.

The city of Missoula says road crews plow bike lanes, but no amount of plowing can get all the snow and ice off the asphalt. The city says tires of passing cars can knock snow and ice from the streets into bike lanes and sidewalks, and the cycle repeats itself each time they plow. The city recommends putting wider tires on bikes for winter, and riding slowly when navigating icy areas. 

Missoula residents can report ice buildup on bike lanes and sidewalks to the city here.

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