roderick adolph pahl mugshot

MISSOULA - Court documents say a 79-year-old man stalked and harassed a woman, prompting her to fear for her life.

Records say Roderick Adolph Pahl was already under a court order to stay away from the victim, but left a threatening letter in her mailbox and repeatedly called her with bizarre threats.

He reportedly wrote he was the reincarnation of Wayne Nance and Jeffrey Dahmer, and that "you will never be safe anywhere" and "nothing will protect you," court documents say.

On Jan. 7, Pahl reportedly told a Missoula Police Department employee that he was planning to kidnap and "poke [Jane Doe] with needles."

The victim told police that she was terrified knowing that Pahl was out of jail and knew where she lived. The woman reported that she was having trouble sleeping and was losing weight.

Police booked Pahl into jail on Tuesday morning.

He is charged with his second offense of stalking, a felony.

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