Missoula County Public Schools, North Western Energy, and the City of Missoula are teaming up to harness the power of the sun. That’s right, school officials announced on Tuesday that they are researching the use of urban solar panels on school campuses.

The five-year project will include the installation of solar panels at Hellgate, Sentinel, and Big Sky high schools, as well as the alternative school location.

The panels will be integrated into the schools' landscape by adding solar fences, covered walkways and a car port.

But the project is about more than just creating clean energy. Communications Director Hatton Littman says it will also allow for multiple educational opportunities.

“The goals of these projects are to make sure that Northwestern, the city, the students, and the residents of Missoula all learn a little bit more about how renewable energy sources both work on the larger energy grid of the state, and how they work within themselves," Littman said.

On Wednesday the city will hold an informational meeting at 10 a.m. for the public to talk about the future of these solar panels.

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