Missoula County Office of Emergency Management is warning residents to prepare for snowmelt flooding. 

Director, Adriane Beck, said it’s important to prepare your home and yard ahead of time by removing snow around your foundation, especially around window wells.

Beck recommends purchasing filled sandbags to help protect your foundation while the lower elevation flooding is expected to begin these next few days. 

"Our hope actually would be while it may be a little painful for the folks for the next couple of weeks while we get rid of this low elevation snow. But our hope is that we can actually get rid of the low elevation snow so that were in a much better position when that high elevation snow starts to come down traditionally in late April or early May because that is what is most impactful to our streams,” explained Beck.

Beck said it’s important if you are interested in purchasing flood insurance to do so now, because it can the process can take up to 30 days.

She emphasized it’s also important to sign up for emergency alerts on the Missoula County website.

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