Missoula city snow plows to clear more residential neighborhoods

While the roads in Missoula might be bare and dry as of Wednesday morning, the city's public works department is standing by to implement a new snow plowing plan this season. 

The city of Missoula will now have 12 snow plow operators working nights, 12 working during the day, four working the swing-shift and five operators clearing the residential streets.

It’s all thanks to extra funding allocated to the public works department in an effort to provide better service to Missoulians. With that money four more pick-up truck plows have been purchased for residential streets. Plowing in residential neighborhoods will happen between 8am and 4:30pm when many residents are at work and not parked on the street.

Deputy Public Works Director Brian Hensel is confident this new plan will benefit Missoulians. 

"It's gonna be a definite improvement. Is it gonna meet everyone's expectations? Probably not, but I think you will see an improvement. I think we'll see a lot less ruts. I think you're gonna see a much better response times in those residential neighborhoods," Hensel said.

Hensel added there is a snow plowing priority list

There is a catch to better plowed roads. Hensel said with more snow plows coming through, there will likely be more berms on sidewalks and on street corners. Homeowners are still required to place their shoveled or plowed snow on their property, and not on bikes lanes or the street.  

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