MISSOULA - If you're looking to bring home a friendly kitty, Missoula Animal Control is offering discounted adoptions in hope of clearing out the overflowing shelter.

The shelter's cat room is completely full and they say someone dumped nine cats on the porch on Thursday morning.

Available cats include Bianca, a 10-month-old tortoiseshell female, Latte, a 12-year-old seal point Siamese male, and Myth, a three-month-old shorthair kitten.

Cat and kitten adoptions are discounted to $45 during the "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" special.

The cost of adoptions helps the shelter pay for animals' food, neutering, medicine and care.

The shelter is open Monday-through Friday from 11 AM-5:30 PM, and Saturday from noon to 4 PM. Potential pet parents are asked to come in, meet the animals, provide proof that your landlord allows pets and fill out a short application.

You can check out a list of their adoptable animals here.

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