Jermain Charlo's family honors her on her 24th birthday

Family and friends leave memories and candles under Jermain's Highway 93 billboard

MISSOULA - April 23rd is Jermaine Charlo's 24th birthday, and on Tuesday, family and friends gathered to honor their missing loved one under her billboard.

Family and close friends brought balloons, lanterns, candles, and pictures of Jermain to honor her on her 24 birthday. Family members say that this date is an extremely hard day.

"It's one of longing, I think about what we would be doing, teasing her, stuff like that, what would we would be doing with her,” said Jermain’s grandfather, David Velarde Jr.

People in attendance shared fond memories of Jermain, saying her dream was to attend art school and that they are remembering her as extremely talented, and passionate.

"She was an amazing artist, she was an amazing writer, she was very passionate” said Jermain’s aunt, Valenda Morigeau.

With a large attendance today, people close to Jermain say that coming out on her birthday is important to remind Jermain and the public that they are not going to give up on finding her.

"We are doing it to keep her name out in the public so people know that she is still missing and holding it together so that way we can come together and pray and share memories with her as a family and having her friends come share stories about her,” Valenda Morigeau added.

Jermain's family is taking donations to keep her Highway 93 billboard up through July. If you want to donate you can do so here.

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