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MISSOULA - We all remember the tragedy that unfolded on March 15, when MHP trooper Wade Palmer, Shelley Hays, Casey Blanchard and his mother Julie were shot.

Trooper Palmer was shot multiple times in the face, neck and head while searching for the suspect in an overnight shooting.

November 20, at 4 p.m. a ceremony will be held at St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula to honor those who dedicate their lives to saving others. A trooper will give a commemorative coin to the people who helped Trooper Palmer after he was shot.

The coin emphasizes the many people who are involved in life-saving care, including physicians, nurses, emergency room staff, ICU, pharmacy, and all other departments that helped Trooper Palmer at Saint Patrick's.

Trooper Palmer was transferred to Salt Lake City for further treatment after his care at St. Patrick's and is now home with his family in Stevensville.

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