Mama's Promise

Moms in Missoula Works' Family Promise program don't have many resources, and they need a way to support their tiny babies. That's where Mama's Promise comes in. 

Moms in the Mama's Promise program design, create and sell handmade leather earrings. Missoula Works executive director Paige Pavalone got the idea for the program during a trip to Chicago. She saw a table of jewelry made from repurposed materials, and realized all the pieces were made by people who needed a non-traditional way to support themselves.

Pavalone decided to bring the idea to Missoula. An investor donated money to buy hooks and supplies needed to make the earrings, and Goertzen Adventure Equipment let them have leftover leather pieces from their own projects. Pavalone says the program gives moms a way to creatively support themselves while taking care of their families. 

"It allows the moms to take time and be with their baby if they're needed," Pavalone said. "If the babies are sleeping, it gives them an opportunity to create this stuff and create financial feasibility for their future." 

Pavalone says the money from sales goes back to the moms in Mama's Promise. She hopes the program will teach them skills they can use for the rest of their lives, and that it will help future moms in the program find a way forward.

Mama's Promise earrings will be on display at Imagine Nation Brewing on Friday, February 8. The show is scheduled to start at 5 p.m., and the earrings are also available on Etsy. 

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