Lolo Hotshot Update: all Montana crew are home

After a 14 day deployment to help fight Canada’s wildfires all of Montana’s hotshot teams are back home.

The Helena, Flathead, Bitterroot, and Lolo hotshot teams have all returned and are taking a short break before their next deployment. The crews were up in Alberta Canada fighting the Chuckegg Fire.

While their deployment is now over, five more crews from California and Oregon have taken their place on the fires edge.

Lolo Hotshot Superintendent Shawn Faiella says while he is happy to be home this is just the start of wildfire season.

“You know it’s just kind of the tempo for the summer,” Faiella said, “its go up there or go anywhere, do your work, then come home reset then go and do it again."

Faiella also says he doesn't expect his crews to be sent back up to Canada anytime soon, now that more hot zones are popping up across the United States

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