Recyclable Aluminum Bottles

The popular music promoter in town, Logjam Presents, introduces new recyclable aluminum water bottles as their final push towards zero waste.

These aluminum cans are fully recyclable.

Logjam Presents owner, Nick Checota, said their push toward zero waste started last year when they changed to compostable glassware and paperware, so this year they've made their way to less than 1% waste by getting rid of plastic bottles.

Checota explained this is costing them about $85,000 dollars more a year, but he said this won’t cost concert-goers an extra cent.

It’s saving several thousand pounds of waste each year.

"You know I think it’s all a part of the zero by 50 program the city's doing and we hope by leading this effort along with other organizations like home resource that other businesses will get on board and help achieve the goals the city has set forth," emphasized, Checota.

The city's goal is to have zero waste by 2050, so it’s great to have business leaders like Logjam Presents stepping up to make this possible.

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