veteran funeral

Every week in Missoula there are multiple military funerals. But now, the city's local VFW chapter says they don't have enough volunteers to preform military honors during these ceremonies.

The three-volley salute is one of many honors presented at a military funeral, where up to seven veterans fire off three shots each from an M-1 rifle.

VFW Post 209 Honor Guard Commander, Jack Reneau, said these honors are a special celebration saved for those who've earned them.

"They served the country and the country wants to thank them for what they did," Reneau said.

Reneau noticed there has been an increase in military funerals, but not in volunteers.

"We can have up to six to 10 funerals a week and we need volunteers who are willing to put in the time," Reneau said.

Every veteran in the Western Montana State Veterans Cemetery received honors during their funerals, including the three-volley salute.

But that is not the only cemetery in Missoula where a military funeral can take place.

"The volunteers we need are people who are active duty or retired from the military or that have served in the military," Reneau said.

The VFW provides a gun and a uniform to all volunteers, they just need your time to help them pay tribute to our fallen troops.

If you are active or retired military and want to help your local VFW with the honor guard, you can call or text 719-661-4037 or email

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