Local and natonal support rings in for Trooper Wade Palmer

Trooper Wade Palmer

MISSOULA- Friday was an extremely emotional day for law enforcement in the state of Montana, when one of our very own Montana Highway Patrolmen was shot in the line of duty.

Trooper Wade Palmer was one of four victims, and after being taken to St. Patrick’s in Missoula, he was airlifted to Salt Lake City.

Although there has been no update on Trooper Palmer's condition in Salt Lake City, there has been an overwhelming amount of love and support for the trooper’s recovery.

When tragedy struck in the Garden City, support surrounded itself around Trooper Palmer and his family.

A motorcade transported Palmer from St. Pat's to the airport before leaving for Salt Lake Friday.

The law enforcement locally as well as nationally has stepped up for one of their very own, sending nothing but prayers and good thoughts for Trooper Palmer's critical condition.

With this shooting hitting so close to home, the community has been bringing as much awareness to the situation as possible.

Montana Highway Patrol Trooper, TJ Templeton tweeted, "I'm still lost in the fog of this...pain...anger...exhaustion..helplessness. Please pray for wade and his family. I can’t even think enough to tweet...please pray for my brother."

Upon landing in Salt Lake, Trooper Palmer had a motorcade of Utah law enforcement leading him to the hospital there as well.

On behalf of ABC FOX Montana we want to continue to extend our thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in this situation.

If you would like to donate to Trooper Palmer’s Go Fund Me page you can do that here.

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