Jack's Army Missoula

Credit: Help Jack Berry Kick Cancer GoFundMe Page.

Jack Berry's family has watched the 11-year-old battle bone cancer for months. Right now, they say their son is doing much better - but there's still a long road to a full recovery.

Missoula Rural Fire engineer Cooper Berry says the family would not be where it is today without the help and support of the Missoula community. 

For the last several months, the Berry's have been 3,000 miles from home getting treatment for Jack. In that time Cooper's "brothers" at the Missoula Rural fire department have covered every single one of his shifts, ensuring Cooper didn't miss a single paycheck.

Cooper says Jack only has one week of chemo left to complete and is learning to walk on a prosthetic leg. Cooper says he's inspired by his son and his ability to embrace each day as it comes. 

"It's been some pretty dark moments in the last eight months, but there's been a lot or really happy, special moments too," Berry said. "Just with his joy shining through and just his happiness and love of life."

Cooper says Jack's walls are practically wallpapered in cards from his Missoula community. He's grateful for the endless love and support his family has received from Jack's Army-- a group of people in Montana that is sending love and support to the family.

He says that love, combined with Jack's unstoppable spirit, is pulling them through.

Cooper says they hope to return to Missoula soon for the remainder of Jack's treatment. 

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