The ability of being able to fix something that breaks in your house is a skill that few people have these days but one Missoula business is working to change that.

Home ReSource is showing customers what you can save from going to the landfill by hosting FixIt Clinics.

Working one stitch at a time Sierra Deimling is learning a new skill.

"I've never sewn anything before no skills in that department what-so-ever and I also don't have the tools," fix it clinic goer Deimling said.

But with the help of the FixIt Coaches she was able to repair two pairs of her favorite jeans that she said  she hadn't been able to wear in over a year.

"I've been so sad to have them collecting dust so its very exciting for me to bring them back to life today," Deimling said.

But Deimling isn't the only one breathing new life into something broken, Home ReSource's Community Engagement Manger Jeremy Drake was fixing up a jacket.

He explains what his favorite part of these clinics are.

"People who wouldn't normally connect are connecting around these old skills that are being lost in our culture," Drake said.

But its not just clothes being repaired here today.

"We have a pool of 'FixIt Coaches' they are just community members who have skills that range from clothes mending, to electronics, to furniture repair, and beyond," Drake said, "So it is just members in the community who have skills and are willing to share them,"

Plus this clinic is more affordable than you might think.

"This was a really incredible opportunity to learn a new skill and use these resources free of charge, I cant believe this program exists its really incredible," Deimling said.

You read that right, FixIt Clinics are free of charge. All it takes is a little bit of time and soon what was broken is good as new.

"I'm just stoked," Deimling siad, "I'm just really excited to have my pants again."

FixIt Clinics are held once a month at Home ReSource. The next clinic will be February 8 and 9 from 11a.m. to 3 p.m.

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