Missoula's Higgins Bridge will undergo construction starting next spring and to make sure everyone knows the plan, The Montana Department of Transportation hosted an open house Wednesday to answer the public's lingering questions.   

Folks asked questions about bikes, about their commute, and about the design of the bridge. MDT officials met with the public to answer some commonly asked questions.

"I was wondering when the road would be closed and when i would be able to cross it in my car or by walking?" Missoula resident Maxim Winter asked.

For the answer we will turn to the Missoula District Construction engineer John Schmidt

"The plan is to start construction in February 2020 and work through the summer and be done in November of 2020," Schmidt said.

Once construction is finished how is the flow of traffic going to change?

"There are more and more bicycles now will this design be appropriate for them?" Missoula resident Dick King asked

"bikes will be using the shared use path on either side of the bridge," Schmidt said.

Currently the pedestrian path is only four feet wide, but the new bridge path will triple in size so it can be shared by walkers and bikers.

But will people be able to access Caras Park from the new bridge?

"There will be stairs on the west side for Caras Park but the east side stairs are going to go." Public Works Director Jeremy Keene said.

For more Q & A the MDT has a list of FAQ

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