Hamilton man runs 50 miles for child advocacy

Courtesy: Ryan Tellock GoFundMe

HAMILTON - Ryan Tellock will run 50 miles on July 19 to raise funds and awareness for Emma's House, a child advocacy center.

Tellock has run marathons before, but he says he has never run 50 miles. This feat will be like running two marathons back to back.

Tellock will run from his company PayneWest's Missoula location to PayneWest's Hamilton location. His run will start at 2 a.m. to avoid the heat and he will take the bike/ped path alongside U.S. Highway 93.

Tellock says he is running with the support of PayneWest, the Bitterroot Cross Fit gym, his friends and his family.

However, he says he is just focused on doing this for Emma's House.

"I've always thought about running a long ways for a cause that was close to my heart and it just seemed like a good time to do it," Tellock said. "The older you get the harder it is to run this sort of a distance so it's definitely overwhelming but it's gonna be cool."

Emma's House is a nationally accredited child advocacy center in Hamilton that strives to ensure kids feel safe and comfortable in difficult family situations. They also work to promote healing and reduce trauma.

"We have a lot of situations in this valley and in this state and even country where there's a lot of tough family situations and they really help these kids that are in these difficult situations, get on the right path," Tellock said.

PayneWest agreed to match $1,250 of money raised in support of the run and foundation, but Tellock said the community's support has been outstanding and he has had to raise his fundraising goal multiple times, because it kept being met.

As of now the goal is $6,000 and there is $5,900 raised.

If you would like to donate to Emma's House and Tellock's 50 mile run, click here.

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