Grab your helmets and your boards because Girls on Shred came back to Missoula today. But this traveling skate clinic is about more than just learning how to shred a half pipe.

From kick flips and ollies to just learning how to stand on a board, Girls on Shred is here teaching girls everything they need to know about skating and more.

"I think it’s a really great way to build confidence and creativity and it’s a nice outlet, if you’re feeling stressed or anything it’s just a nice tool to have in your tool box," Girls on Shred Organizer Samantha Veysey Gibbons said.

And the girls who give it a shot say they catch on quick.

"At first I didn’t think it would be fun because I didn’t think I was that good at skateboarding,” 12-year-old Emmy Newhouse said, “but then I came out and it was way more fun than I thought and I got way better than I thought I would"

One of the skate instructors, Kim Peterson, is also an elementary school teacher, and she says she can see how events like this empower her students.

"Ruby and some other girls from the first, second, and even the kindergarten classes came out and skated during recess and play breaks, it was so cool," Peterson said.

Peterson says these skating clinics are really catching on, and she loves sharing her passion with her students.

"Now we have more events and more girls coming out and it’s just another way for me to keep skate boarding in my life," she said.

Girls on Shred gives the girls the tools they need to improves themselves one skate board at a time.

"Really the sky’s the limit!” Veysey Gibbons said, “We just want to teach people what they are interested in learning."

Girls on Shred events are always free to attend with skateboards and safety gear available to anyone who wants to try. You can find out when and where the next skating clinic will be by following their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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