food for fines

If you have any overdue fines at the Missoula Public Library you're in luck because this week is their annual Food for Fines drive.

No this is not a work of fiction, for just a can of food all of your late fees will be forgiven.

“It is whatever you feel you should bring in or can bring in,” youth services librarian Pam Carlton said, “so it doesn’t matter how many fines you have whatever you bring in will be enough,”

This food drive couldn’t have come at a better time of year

“The holiday season is a time for giving a time for thinking of others and in this way we are allowing people to do that and offer something to their fellow Missoulians, but at the same time they are getting a little bit back too,” Carlton said.

If you have an overdue fine at the library all you have to do is bring down a couple of canned goods and all your fines will be forgiven.

“We figure it’s a nice way to help our patrons and a nice way for our patrons to help the Missoula food bank,” Carlton said.

The food for fines drive started today and they will be accepting donations until Saturday.

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