Feral cats living in collapsed building rubble in downtown Missoula

A collapsed building in Downtown Missoula has become a literal breeding ground for some unwanted guests. 

The portion of the building that collapsed was occupied by K&C Meats, which shared the building with Fran's Second Hand Store. It's located on 310 West Alder Street, across from the Missoula City-County Health Department. 

The Missoula City Building Official Aaron Bowman says the property owner has secured a demolition permit. The demo was suppose to start last Friday, but the demolition process has not started as of Tuesday evening. 

Back on March 11, the heavy weight of melting snow and ice on K&C Meats caused its flat roof to collapse. No one was injured in the incident. 

Bowman says his department has received numerous complaints from Missoula residents and several city agencies. Now, even the county Animal Control is getting involved. 

"Apparently there are now a group of cats that are living and breeding in the rumble of that collapsed building," Bowman said. 

Bowman said Animal Control has requested access to try and trap the feral cats, so the demo activity doesn't harm the cats. 

The neighboring vacant building, Fran's Second Hand Store, does have a business license application in process. Meaning the owner is trying to move forward with putting a business in that portion of the building. 

However, since it's attached to the collapsed portion of K&C Meats, a building inspector needs to investigate to make sure the roof is structurally safe.

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