One boy's journey to being able to hike

The Montana Brain Injury Alliance held their second annual Big Sky Challenge Hike Sunday morning.

The hike is a fundraiser but it also helps spread awareness for their organization. Hikers could opt for a one mile, five mile, or a 10 mile hike.

This year 200 people gathered at Snow Bowl for the hike.

For some families, just being able to walk is a miracle in itself.

Tyler Schreckendgust is one of those miracles. In two weeks he turns 13, but doctors weren’t sure he would see his third birthday.

"When he was two he fell out of a three story window and has had a traumatic brain injury ever since," Tyler’s older sister, Jasmine Schreckendgust, said.

"They told us he was going to be a vegetable, but after 10 years of hard work he’s walking, talking, he swims, he dances, everything,” Tyler’s Mom Bambi said.

Tyler didn't have to do all that hard work alone.

"Between the school, the therapist, the doctors, family, and friends it takes a whole team to get him where he is at,” Bambi said.

"He wasn't supposed to walk or talk or really be able to do anything, he had a really low chance of living and now he’s going on the one mile hike,” Jasmine said.

While a one mile hike might not seem like much, for Tyler it represents years of progress.

"I look at him every day and see what he fights for, so it teaches us that we need to fight as well,” Bambi said.

All funds raised by the hike go back to the Brain Injury Alliance who helps families like Tyler’s. Donations are still being accepted.

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