Electric bikes now allowed on city bike trails

The Missoula City Council now says, anywhere a bike can go, an electric bike is allowed as well.

The motion passed by the city council Monday night was an amendment to an existing ordinance that controlled who could and who couldn’t be on the trails.

Now bikes with small electric motors will be able to join other commuters along the Bitterroot Trail, the Milwaukee Road Trail, and a few others.

This motion passed with a large majority of 9-1.

Members of the community who use the trail have mixed reactions.

“You don’t allow anything else with a motor to be on the trails what makes an electric bike any different? It just doesn’t sit right” Trail goer Mike Torrey said.

"We have regulations for bikers for walkers as long as they have regulations to keep those controlled an safe for everybody I think it’s a great idea." Trail goer Stephen Degn said.

The city has also passed a 10 mph slow zone around the downtown area, e-bikes are allowed to go 20 mph anywhere outside that zone.

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