Community Medical Center Tim Fox

Montana's Attorney General Tim Fox made a stop in Missoula today to get a tour of Community Medical Center and to get a glimpse of all the work they're doing on campus.

Shaking hands and meeting with multiple physicians, Fox got to see everything from how community medical houses physical therapy, to a special look inside their radiation treatment center.

But one part of the tour really stood out to Attorney General Fox, how CMC treats babies born with an opioid addiction.

As we have previously reported on ABC FOX Montana, when a baby is born to a mother with an opioid addiction, traditionally, the two have been separated and both mother and baby have to go through withdrawal alone.

But CMC is learning the mother and child handle withdrawal better together.

"We follow this program we call: Eat, Sleep, Console," Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician Merlin Bardett Fausett said.

"If the mother can get the baby to eat, if the baby will adequately sleep, and is consolable, we have perimeters for each of these things, then we let the baby stay with the mom."

The goal of this Eat, Sleep, Console method is to help coach the mother from addiction to parenthood. Making it more likely for families to stay together in the end.

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