Eagle's Nest Thrift Store grand opening

Inside the Eagle's Nest grand opening

MISSOULA- Today marks the grand opening for the student run Eagle's Nest Thrift store, and here, they're learning a lot more than retail.

This may not look like your average vocational prep classroom, but here, Big sky and Sentinel High School students come to learn lifelong skills.

"On site instruction, be able to model the correct behavior like counting money back and customer service and just being able to help them feel safe and feel confident to go out and get a job,” said site supervisor and Big Sky teacher, Lan Ann Bryant.

Even though the students are learning the basics of the retail industry, their teachers say that they leave with a lot more skills than that.

"Learning how to get along with people, learning how to take constructive criticism which is really hard for people, doing a job and do it well, paying attention to detail,” added Bryant.

With just 34 student employees, educators say the students have plenty of work to do, but students say the experience has been rewarding.

"I think it's been a really great experience helping everyone around, helping the customers, making them all happy,” said Big Sky student, Amanda Smerker.

If you're interested in helping out this group of students, you can stop by the thrift store located in the modular building behind the Jefferson Center.

The store is open for business Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday's.

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