Duper Sauce returns for one day only

Most people have a certain food that takes them back to a time when they were young.

And today a handful of people in Missoula were able to experience just that.

Do you remember the 93 Stop and Go and their famous duper sauce?  Well today it was back for one day only.

For some it was a walk down memory lane.

"We used to walk down to 93 and tasty freeze every lunch hour" Nancy Engebretson said.

Taking some back to a simpler time.

"You know back in the day ketchup and mustard was about it then this came a long and it was fun and spicy and gave a zing to your burger and your French fries." Dana Clark said.

a chance to share your past with your family

"In college we would go and try it out and its been years and it tastes the same and its fun to share it with my kids." Missy Neuman said.


In honor of the Salvation Army’s 125th anniversary in Missoula, the famous sauce made a comeback.

Deb Watkin's father bought the 93 stop and go back in 1952 and she says shes been a duper fan ever since

"We are carrying on the 'dupe' tradition" Watkins said.

Even though the drive in is gone she’s glad to see the love for her family’s recipe lives on.

"We have a love for duper sauce too so we still make the spices a couple of times a year."

But if you are holding out hope that Watkins and her family will reopen 93, you're going to have to wait for special events like this

"We are all in our 60s so we don’t know if we want to take on something like this full time."

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