DARBY - The Darby community is spreading some love this Valentine's Day for a nine-year-old boy who's in the fight of his life.

Trevor Albrecht has undergone one heart surgery and it's not been an easy road, but the small town in the Bitterroot is showing up in a big way to support Trevor and his family.

Trevor is so special to the Darby community, from classmates to high school students, everyone knows Trevor for his big smile and even bigger heart.

Many people consider Trevor Albrecht as a bright spot in the community.

Unfortunately, heart conditions he's been dealing with since birth-are becoming more present.

As Trevor’s heart fails, Darby definitely isn't.

People came out in droves to provide emotional support for his family, as a way to return the favor that he's shown them.

"As a teacher, he just brightens up your day. I mean coming through with that smile, that's why you teach," explained Trevor’s teacher, Kerrie Holmes.

Holmes said Trevor is an example of what makes her love her job, but he's no teacher’s pet as his classmates have nothing but praise for Trevor.

"He’s so fun and how he has all this joy. And how he smiles so big and he's just a really nice guy," emphasized Ella Bush.

"I hope he gets better soon and that I miss him," said Xavier McKee.

But it's not just classmates, with the Darby High School Class of 2019 raising more than a thousand dollars at Thursday's fundraiser, by taping teachers to the wall, to help Trevor.

And while the nine-year-old and his family are in the fight of their life, they can rely on their hometown for help.

"We love you Trevor, and we miss you Trevor," yelled Trevor’s class.

If you would like to help Trevor and his family with any medical costs, there’s a GoFundMe Page.

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