Police Lights

BILLINGS, Mont. - 18-year-old Randy Wayne Riley of Laurel faces one count of assault on a peace officer and three counts of criminal mischief after court documents say Riley tried stealing a police cruiser, got naked, and punched a police officer.

According to court documents, a Billings police officer responded to the area of Washington Street and State Avenue around 1:30 AM Wednesday. A caller said a male was allegedly half naked and yelling at passing traffic.

Officers said Riley had tipped over a motorcycle on Sixth Avenue South, damaging a car.

Police say they found Riley walking on Washington Street.

Court documents say officers tried to get Riley to obey orders, but he charged toward them and attempted to get inside the police cruiser to steal it.

Court documents say Riley started to run on Washington Street and stopped in the middle of the road to take off his pants to become naked.

The low that night was around 14 degrees.

Court documents say as more officers arrived for backup, Riley got on top of a police cruiser, damaging the hood.

Officers say they tased Riley in the back and during a struggle, court documents say Riley turned and punched a police officer in the face, causing pain.

Riley was overcome by officers and handcuffed.

The investigation is ongoing.

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