Missoula Library Construction

Bookworms can rejoice as construction crews are making forward progress on the construction of the new Missoula Public Library.

The main goal of the construction project is to build a brand new modern library to keep up with advancements in growing technology.

It's not necessarily a goodbye to reading books, but more of a “hello” to new programs that help teach students about multiple topics, but the new additions wouldn't be possible without a community effort.

Literacy and lifelong learning, that's the mission of Missoula Public Library.

Missoula Library Foundation Director, Karl Olson, said it’s been under construction since August to include everything from a technology center to cultural literacy programs, all under one roof.

So the library is seeking help from local non-profits to make it a community effort.

"Since we're building new wouldn't this be an opportunity to share that footprint with organizations in Missoula who very closely share our mission and our goals when it comes to literacy and lifelong learning," explained Olson.

Missoula Community Access Television, SpectrUM Discovery Area, and Missoula’s Families First Children’s Museum are all pitching in to help Missoula’s youngsters.

These organizations are joining forces with the library to offer a unique approach to their education.

"There will be museum exhibits, there will be a fabulous water table, a climbing structure for kids where they can learn about physical science. And all kinds of technological things they can use as well," said Olson.

With excitement in the air, Olson said construction crews are working through the winter, so local students can begin to utilize these features.

In the meantime, Olson and his team are going to read a few books as they wait for the new and improved Missoula library.

"Before we know it we're just going to see this building rising up out of the ground. We’re very excited," emphasized Olson.

Olson said they hope to finish construction for the new Missoula Public Library by early to mid-2020.

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