The Western Montana Community Center hosted their annual Queersgiving potluck Thursday, creating a supportive and accepting space for the LGBT community and allies to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Queers-giving was started seven years ago by a University of Montana student and has since grown off campus to become a community event.

Thursday was an afternoon full of food, friends, and community support.

Most folks brought a dish to share and told stories about their family traditions, even if they weren’t able to go home for the holidays for a variety of reasons.

"We are open to allies to join us or the whole community it’s just a great day to eat good food and celebrate the holiday," Andy Nelson from The Center said.

But The Center wasn’t the only community celebrating Thanksgiving Together.

Down in Stevensville the community shared a similar meal.

The Stevensville school district cafeteria opened their doors to everyone this afternoon whether they were single, married, a large or small family, or even just new to the area.

Organizers say the goal is to create fellowship among neighbors.

"I felt like god just said you need to do a community dinner so I started asking around and the next thing I know I had a lots of support last year so this year when I mentioned it everyone was on board,” Stevensville Community Dinner Organizer Cristy Martin said.

Along with plenty of food there was also football, crafts, and games for everyone to enjoy.

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