MISSOULA -- Wednesday's lockdown trapped thousands of people downtown for several hours and even barred others from getting into the area. 

The intersection of Orange and Broadway was completely blocked and businesses near the corner had to close their doors, locking in workers and customers. But two City Brew baristas were able to share their story through their drive-thru window. 

"There were like 60 cop cars, they were like everywhere," Hannah Bauman said.

"We had a lot of people come through the driveway asking 'do you know whats going on over there?' and we are like no not really," Kate Alexander added.

Soon these two, and most of town found out.

"Then around 10:20 a.m. we got a notification from the university police department that this whole five blocks down here was on lockdown," Alexander said.

But not everyone got the memo.

"I had court at 1 o'clock and didn't know court had been canceled," Tiffaney Randles explained, "so I was walking across the street and there were police officers on the other side and as I was getting ready to cross the street they shouted 'don't cross the street' it kinda scared me, threw me off."

After the police explained the situation, Randles was on her way.

"So now I'm just going to go to my friends house," Randells said.

After the lockdown ended around 3 p.m. Wednesday, the courthouse and City Brew reopened for the rest of the day.

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