Weinreb Brothers

Montana's Jewish community held a special celebration over the weekend as a way to bring people together and promote messages of acceptance.

The Chabad Jewish Center of Missoula brought the Weinreb Brothers to Montana from New York for a free Jewish music concert in the park.

"I love Jewish music and Missoula doesn't have a large Jewish presence and there is a lot to be proud about culturally," Missoula Resident Jeffrey Winters said.

Families and individuals gathered in Bonner Park Sunday for fun, food and music. While mood was lighthearted, the reason behind the festivities is more serious.

Rabbi Chezki from The Chabad Jewish Center of Missoula said,

"A few months ago there was a dark soul who began to drop anti-Semitic flyers around town and that was jarring. And I know that doesn’t represent Missoula, but our mission to make people comfortable with their religion and with their beliefs only took on a greater sense of urgency,” Chezki said.

Rabbi Chezki said the Chabad Center is all about making Judaism fun and approachable not only for other Jews but for the whole community.

"By exposing people to other cultures and by giving people a chance to experience Jewish culture, the sights, the smells, the tastes, the sounds we feel like that’s a really great way to elevate the entire city" Rabbi Chezki said.

And the Weinreb Bothers use their music to combine Jewish traditions with modern sounds.

"This music is a combination of authentic Lubavitcher Hasidic music and modern Israeli music," Elliott Oppenheim said.

Their lyrics carry a deeper message, Oppenheim translated a verse:

"We can do this together, make peace together, the whole world brings peace."

Later this month The Chabad Center will be celebrating the high holidays and welcomes all community members to get involved.

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