Engineering firm donates toward Salvation Army warming center

The Missoula Salvation Army is on the mission to open a warming center for the city's homeless.

According to Salvation Army Capt. Josh Boyd, the president of the engineering firm DJ&A Chris Anderson, donated $5000 towards the warming shelter. Boyd said his organization is $6,000 away from reaching it's fundraising goal of $50,000.


"That's the budget we need for supplies, and for staffing the center. [Those are] all the different costs associated with running the shelter," Boyd said. 

The Union Gospel in Missoula used to run the warming center, but the Salvation Army took over operations in October. 


"The salvation didn't actually have any plans to run a winter shelter and because of that, we hadn't had a plan for fundraising. We hadn't put a plan in place to reach out to the community for funds because it wasn't a program we were planning on doing," Boyd said. 

Boyd said the Salvation Army's fellowship hall will be used for the warming center. 


The Salvation Army asked the Missoula County Commissioners for help with funding on Wednesday. According to Commissioner Cola Rowley, her office told Boyd to continue raising funds through private donations. After the holidays, if the Salvation Army needs more money, they could look into helping out. 


"We told them to talk to our grants department after the first of the year and if there's a remaining gap in funding to come and make a formal request for the money," Rowley said. 

Boyd said given how generous Missoula has been thus far, he's confident people will continue to donate money for the shelter. Especially knowing now they're closer to reaching their goal. 

ABC Fox Reporter

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