Black bear and mountain lion sightings throughout the region

Photo Courtesy of Jamie Jonkel

MISSOULA- With ripening huckleberries and apples on the way, black bears are out and about in areas where people are collecting fruit, too.

According to theĀ Missoula Bears Facebook, people report sighting bears in hillsides where serviceberry, huckleberry, and bunchberry dogwood are ripening.

Chokecherry season, as well as apple season, is upon us which means these bears are out looking for domestic fruits like these.

Police are investigating a black bear death in Evaro Hill.

There have been frequent sightings of black bears near hotels, restaurants, and campgrounds in the upper Lolo Creek.

FWP isn't just reporting bears, but mountain lion sightings as well, and those have taken place in lower Miller Creek along the river, on top of reports of mountain lions near homes, tents, and cabins around Clearwater Junction.

If you live on property with ripening fruit, and need extra help to avoid furry friends coming onto your property, you can call the Great Bear Foundation at 406-829-9378.

If you have too much fruit and need help getting rid of it, you can head to Missoula Valley Fruit Exchange on Facebook.

With all of these sightings it's a good reminder to watch out for garbage and food around your recreating areas or just around your property.

To report any bear or mountain lion sightings you can call FWP at 406-542-5500.

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