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Enormous: The Gorge Story

Here's your highlights for the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival schedule on Friday, Feb. 22!

Click here for the day's schedule and more info.

Films at the Wilma, Elks Lodge and MCT, beginning at 1:00pm.

Travis Wilkerson retrospective begins! Six of the renowned documentarian’s films will screen over the next three days, beginning tonight with Sand Creek Equation and An Injury to One (MCT, 6:15pm).

Shorts galore! Four blocks of short films screening today, at the Wilma (1:00pm) and MCT (1:45pm; 8:45pm) and Schoolhouse Docs, featuring short films curated for a younger audience (also featuring three films made through the Big Sky Documentary Youth Fellowship Program!). MCT, 4:00pm.

Councilwoman – Carmen Castillo is a Dominican City Councilwoman who maintains her job cleaning hotel rooms as she takes on her new role in politics. She faces skeptics who say she doesn’t have the education to govern, and the power of corporate interests who take a stand against her $15/hr minimum wage. The Manitoba Story: A Basic Income Film – Is free money the path to a more free and equitable future? Can a basic income really make a difference? After being hidden for more than 40 years, the results are finally out. Elks Lodge, 5:00pm.

Enormous: The Gorge Story – The never before told story of the world’s most beautiful and iconic music venue. Featuring Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Steve Miller, Pearl Jam, and many more. Wilma, 6:15pm.

Fast Horse: Screening as part of the shorts block at MCT at 8:45 PM

Waiting for the Punchline – Filmmaker Mat Hames captures the gritty stand-up comedy club scene of San Francisco through the rise of Nick Scarpino, highly successful podcaster by day, who by night endures harsh rejection in dive bars as he attempts to earn credibility as a stand-up comedian. Wilma, 8:30pm.

16 Bars – Offering a rare glimpse at the human stories—and songs—that are locked away in our nation’s jails and prisons, this film follows a unique rehabilitation effort that invites inmates to write and record original music. MCT, 8:45pm.


Q&A following film screening

Horns Out – Andy Sarjahani, director. My Dear Kyrgyzstan – Alex Pritz and Noam Argov, co-directors. All On A Mardi Gras Day – Michal Pietrzyk, director. Wilma, 1:00pm.

The Driver’s Seat – Willie Miesmer, co-director. Roughly Delicate – Heqiuzi Wang, director. Uniontown – Fraser Jones, director. Being 97 – Fraser Jones, director. Shorts block, MCT, 1:45pm.

Inspire – Abbey Rhoderick, director. Drum – Sam Pelger, director. Separate Together – Rhiannon Moreland, director. Big Sky Documentary Youth Fellowship, MCT, 4:00pm

Councilwoman – Margo Guernsey, director. The Manitoba Story: A Basic Income Film – Ken Fisher, director. Elks Lodge, 5:00pm.

Enormous: The Gorge Story – Nic Davis, director; Tim Williams, producer. Wilma, 6:15pm.

The Rescue List – Zachary Fink, co-director. Elks Lodge, 7:15pm.

Waiting for the Punchline – Mat Hames, director; Beth Hames and Hannah McCarthy, producers; Nick Scarpino and Geoff Ramsey, subjects. Wilma, 8:30pm.

El Desierto – Jared Jakins and Carly Jakins, co-directors. Santuario – Pilar Timpane and Christine Delp, co-directors. MCT, 8:45pm.

16 Bars – Sam Bathrick, director; Adam Barton, producer; Alex Cullen, director of photography; Chloe Sabin, associate producer. Elks Lodge, 9:130pm.


Distribution Day at DocShop, plus a Master Class with retrospective artist Travis Wilkerson.

Festival HQ at MCT, 200 N. Adams St. Full schedule of films and DocShop events: bigskyfilmfest.org.

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