Bedrock Sandals moves headquarters to Missoula

Courtesy: Bedrock Sandals

MISSOULA - Bedrock Sandals, a shoe company based in the Bay Area of California, is moving it's headquarters to the garden city.

Co-founders Nick Pence and Dan Opalacz said they were looking for a place to settle that aligns with their values and is close to the outdoors. They were also eager to find a place with all four seasons.

"Missoula really stuck out. It just has this awesome grassroots, down to earth feel, it has amazing access, and everyone seems to look out for each other out there," said Opalacz.

Bedrock sandals specializes in minimalist, durable sandals that are easy to wear and easy to pack for your next adventure, said Opalacz.

The company will move to Missoula in early 2020 and operate out of Big Sky Fulfillment until they can close on a shop downtown.

Right now you can buy a pair of sandals on their website or at REI for about $100.

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