A petition on proposed selling Montana to Canada to help ease the national debt.

"Nobody could stand looking at such an ugly map for such a tiny dent in the national debt," emphasized University of Montana student, Ray Ramberg.

An absolute joke is the general reaction we heard about this petition, calling for Montana to join our neighbors to the north.

Petition creator, Ian Hammond, suggested selling the treasure state for the small price of one trillion dollars would eliminate national debt.

"God I really hope it's a joke. But I think that we are so in debt that a trillion wouldn't do that much," said UM student, Aaron Ballantyne.

Ballantyne is right, as the U.S. Treasury showed our nation's debt sitting at roughly 22 trillion dollars last year.

But it's not just for the money, the petition suggested the treasure state is useless and to tell Canada, "We have beavers or something."

"That's insane, that's literally the wackiest thing I have ever heard," emphasized UM student, Alyssa Danis.

Although it may be wacky, the viral petition has more than 1,200 signatures and counting.

And naysayers are more than concerned about Montana changing its allegiance, but how the U.S. would look without Montana, “The last best place”.

"I think that this is an absolutely absurd proposition. Look at what it does to the shape of the United States," said Ramberg.

According to UM economist, Patrick Barkley, the move would face a lot of hurdles like the sale of both private and public land.

Also, he said the trillion dollar purchase would only pay off our debt for 2019.

Barkley added the last time a president has even made significant reductions to the national debt was Calvin Coolidge, who served from 1923 to 1929.

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