Whitefish Mountain Resort debuts new alpine slides

Whitefish Mountain Resort recently renovated one of its most popular activities after topping more than a thousand riders a day. The alpine slide was so popular last year, the resort built another slide for more fun for the family. 

"It's like sledding but you have a brake so you can fast as you want or as slow as you want," Whitefish Public Relations Manager Riley Polumbus.

Whitefish redesigned the highly popular alpine slide built in 2009. They built another slide because they didn't like seeing people wait in long lines. 

One Whitefish local Kat Devall said "We've been riding this for seven years. I liked how they switched it up. Both of them were great we did both and I think the newest one they said is actually faster and a ton of fun."

Riders take a ski lift up the mountain with slides attached behind the lift. At the top of the mountain, employees move the slide to the starting point and off the riders go!

"I thought it was fast and I thought the thing was fun because you go up high," Addi Devall. 

The slide "forest" has a 283 feet drop, and it's 1,724 feet in length. During the slide riders go under a bridge and tunnel.

"There were a lot of turns and dips and I liked that," Big Fork resident Jack Johnson said. 

The slide "meadow" has a 285 feet drop, and it's 1,587 feet in length. Several riders said meadow was the faster slide reaching speeds up to 25mph. 

"In the past I would push it all and never stop, and this time I got to pull it back because it's a little scary," Kat Devall said. 

The slides at Whitefish are the only ones in the state of Montana. It's family friendly for all ages. 

It's something everybody can do. If you're under 48 inches high you go with the parent," Polumbus said. 

Tickets are $10 for one ride or $18 for two rides. 

You can find more information to the alpine slides here. 

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