Heyday Homestead needs your support!

Heyday Homestead needs your support!

Brycen and Emma Ek met in Macedonia while serving in the Peace Corps, after falling in love and moving back to the Flathead Valley, they soon began pursuing their dream of becoming modern day homesteaders.

Brycen Ek said, "We are developing about 3x larger a space than last year, we have gone thru a lot of changes but this is hopefully going to be a location that we can build and really develop a lot of infrastructure around to be here for a long time, growing small scale, organic, sustainable vegetables, fruits, we have chickens, and of course our microgreens."

Competing with over 150 other organizations, the Heyday Homestead is now number 10 in the country to receive a grant for expansion, and with your help the Ek’s say they have a fighting chance.

"If you're willing to support an organic farm it would be- we would appreciate the support by just a daily vote that would just propel us to some early successes that we can pass forward onto prices and productivity of our farm,” said Ek.

Brycen and Emma have applied for three grants through the Cultivating Change Organization, and are holding onto hope that with the support of the greater community they will receive these grants.

Voting to win a grant ends January 31st. Click here to vote for Heyday Homestead!


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