Police lights

KALISPELL -- A man was arrested for a disturbance with a weapon in lower west side of Kalispell on Wednesday.

When Kalispell Police Department arrived at the reported incident around 8:20 a.m., the suspect Steven Personette, 35, already fled, according to a release. The suspect's vehicle was located at a home off of Whitefish Stage Road. 

Officers tried to communicate with Personette, but he refused to cooperate.

While awaiting a search warrant, the Special Response Teams from the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office and Kalispell Police Department secured the home.

According to the release, Personette willingly exited the residence after tactical team officers placed a distraction device outside of it. Officers arrested him.

The release says no hostages are involved.

Personette is jailed at Flathead County Detention Center with Assault with a Weapon and Partner/Family member Assault charges.

This is an ongoing story and we will update you with more information.

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