Several ski hills in western Montana closed Saturday due to frigid temperatures and dangerous wind chills. Many of those mountains are back open Sunday. 

House Bill 302 is very controversial and is expecting some passionate testimony on both sides Thursday morning in the House Judiciary Committee. It centers on the definition of a person. The bill states the word "person" applies to all members of mankind at any stage of development, beginnin…

Growing up on the Rocky Mountain Front in the 50's and 60's, Ron Mills fit perfectly into his career as a guide for curious tourists looking for that big trophy. Little did he know that 75 years later he would become a published author.

A Coram woman says she woke Friday morning to find two people standing in her doorway. Those people opened fire while she was laying on the couch. 

Head injuries are hitting athletes at an alarming rate. This 30-minute special report takes a look at some of the players who have been hit the hardest and some of the equipment that could make a difference in their lives.