KALISPELL - A missing hawk is home safe after she went missing during a weekend wind event in Kalispell last Saturday. 

According to a Facebook post from the hawk's owner, she was captured after she was spotted and tracked down in Kalispell. 

"Today, we chased her 8 different times and I was getting very discouraged that she wasn’t going to be captured. She flew beautifully, but is quite thin, so she was probably not eating.... tonight she is feasting on her favorite - beef heart!" wrote Kari Gabriel. 

The bird named Hawkeye, escaped after wind flipped over an enclosure on Gabriel's property. Gabriel works as a raptor educator and rehabilitator. 

Gabriel found Hawkeye back in 2014 after she was hit by a car. The rough-legged hawk couldn't be released back into the wild because she is missing an eye and is partially blind in the other.

Gabriel is thanking all those who helped track the bird and bring her home. 

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