Going-to-the-Sun Road plowing begins next week

WEST GLACIER- Glacier National Park has closed the alpine section of the Going-to-the-Sun Road to vehicles for the season due to continued winter weather.

A release from the National Parks Service says on or before the third Monday in October the road between Avalanche Creek and Jackson Glacier Overlook is typically closed, however because of an ongoing pavement preservation project, the road has been closed between Avalanche Creek and Logan Pass was closed on September 16

 The road was planned to be reopened after September 29 but it remained closed because of a significant snowstorm. Crews were unable to plow the alpine section of the road because of continued snowfall and avalanche activity.

The park has decided that due to prolonged freezing temperatures forecasted for the week and the possibility of additional snow they are prioritizing winter road perpetrations. Guardrails in avalanche-prone areas will be removed, the Logan Pass Visitor Center will be winterized and snow poles will be installed to aid in plowing next spring.

NPS is also warning hikers and bikers that access may still be permitted on most closed roads in Glacier National Park, but there are risks including falling ice or rocks, and ice-covered or snowy road conditions.

The NPS says Many Glacier Road, the Camas Road, and the portion of the Going-to-the-Sun Road between the foot of St. Mary Lake and Rising Sun were able to be reopened after the snowfall but the Two Medicine Road is still closed due to ice and snow.

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