Flathead Lake State Park holds "Babies in Boots Hike"

Moms and babies gather in Big Fork for "Babies in Boots Hike"

BIG FORK- On Tuesday, moms and their little hikers attended the first ever “Babies in Boots Hike” at Wayfarers State Park.

Hike organizers say that living in a place like the Flathead, it's important to teach kids about being outdoors.

"Outdoor recreation is something we can all connect to, we can all enjoy the outdoors, it's a crucial part of the economy in Montana and there truly is a state park, or a national park or national forest for every age and every activity out there," said Allie McCurry, Assistant Manager of Flathead Lake State Park. "We are very fortunate to live in such an area.”

With a good turnout of families, Flathead Rangers say this event also helped ease stress for parents learning how to navigate the outdoors with kids in tow.

"I named it Babies and Boots but I think it could be named Parents and Packing because I think it's having the confidence to know what to pack, how to prepare to go outdoors with your young one, and with a little bit of planning we can enjoy just the same hikes,” McCurry said.

Parents say the "Babies in Boots Hike" was an educational way for their little ones to learn about the place they call home.

"They understand the nature and experience with it and they appreciate it, like how beautiful this is,” parent Soojean Hardy said.

For more information on when more of these gatherings will take place click here.

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