FLATHEAD COUNTY, MT. -- The body of a missing Spokane Valley father has been found more than two years after he vanished. KHQ featured Corey Flannigan's case in our Q6 Cold Case series back in November. Because the remains have been out in the elements for several months, it's unknown if his family will ever know for certain what happened. 

Corey Flannigan was in Flathead County back in May of 2017 for work. On presumably the final day of his life, he spoke to his fiancé, Roxanne King.

"I talked to him all day that day, everything was normal," Roxanne said. "He was going to get a hotel that night.

But first, he was going to meet with some guys he'd done business with in the past, selling trucks and truck parts.

"I really feel something unexpected happened," she said.

Whatever that was, it went down on Rose Crossing Road just outside of Kalispell.

"A (neighbor) is driving home from work and sees the car crashed," Flathead County Detective Rich Schuster told KHQ back in November..

The crash was bad. Corey had been driving an over-due rental car that night. He had hit a tree on the rural road.

"The airbag fired in the car, there was blood on the airbag," Detective Schuster said.

Corey had to have been hurt in the crash, a likely head injury, but for more than two years, his body remained unaccounted for.

"At that point, we didn't know what we had," Detective Schuster said. "We still don't."

It was a single vehicle crash and if anyone saw it, they weren't talking. The only lead detectives had was a set of footprints that seemed as if they came from the crashed car.

"They may or may not have been his," Detective Schuster said.

The prints went along a field toward a river about a quarter mile away. Corey's remains were found at least a half mile from the crash site last month.

"(I was told his remains were found) in a tall grassy area by someone walking their dog," Roxanne said. "I've spent the last few weeks processing this (while they worked to make a positive ID.) I knew it was him."

Was Corey being chased, and then murdered as he tried to run away? Or was he simply delirious from the wreck and wandered off? The theories are endless.

Because of the advanced state of decomposition, Roxanne isn't hopeful an autopsy will tell them much of anything. While the discovery does give Roxanne and the couple's two children some kind of closure, there are still many unanswered questions.

Roxanne is currently making plans to collect Corey's remains and bring them back home to Spokane Valley. She's also planning a proper service for the many people who loved Corey so they can give him a proper goodbye.

In the meantime, law enforcement continues to ask for anyone who may know anything about this case to call the Flathead County Sheriff's Office. 

For more information on how you can help Corey's family, CLICK HERE. 

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