Levi Wipf

If you ask the Fairfield community how they would describe Levi, you get a few answers.

"On the football field, he's relentless," Ryder Meyer, Eagles Sr. QB/CB

"He's a character, he's a jokester, he's a prankster," Les Meyer, Fairfield Head FB Coach

"A nice, polite, well-mannered kid," RJ Rogers, Eagles Asst. FB Coach

But if they could only choose one, the answer is unanimous:

"Hard worker."

"Hard working."

"Hard working."

It's a trait that was ingrained in the senior's mind when he was just a little boy.

"I always wanted to go to work with my dad and when I asked him if I could come to work with him one of the times and, he said yeah and we were just working with cattle - moving them - and my now boss, he came out that day and I asked if I could work for him and he said yeah."

Since that day, work became the priority, until his family made the decision to leave his home in the Hudduerite Colony.

"When we moved out, I had no idea why we were moving out. It was a big transition. It was a lot of change. But when I first moved out I was excited, you know."

While he's still working in the field, Levi's priorities slowly shifted to the gridiron.

nat pop - football game

Where even a serious injury couldn't keep him out of the game.

"He's a hard worker, he's a competitive kid so it's just been good having him here, and to be able to play without an MCL in a State Championship game, is just unbelievable. He's probably the only kid I could imagine being tough enough to do that,"  Ryder Meyer.

His passion for the game now extends to the classroom.

"To watch that transition where education was something there to watching to where education is the priority has been a pretty cool process," 

"I'm not gonna hide it, Levi is one of my favorite kids here. He can always stop in and I'll lend an ear and help him out in the best way I can," said Rogers.

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