Your seat is up

HELENA – Since 1912, lawmakers in our state have been sitting in wooden chairs on the House Floor. Legislators have been thinking of creative ways to make them more comfortable, but they might not have to worry about that anymore 

Representatives scored two chairs on a number scale system in a variety of categories during a committee hearing. Lawmakers discussed things like measurements, lumbar support, and hydrological lifts. But a big concern for everyone was the durability.  

“I think it kind of reflects the historic nature of the house chamber,” says Greg Hertz, the Speaker of the House. I also think that we need to keep in mind that we need to do this right because this chair will probably be around for another 100 years.” 

Two Montana manufactures made both the demo chairs lawmakers got to try out throughout the week. After adding up the scores, the Appleton chair was the high scorer. But there are still a few last-minute requests some legislators would like to add, so nothing is finalized.  

Lawmakers have a big decision on their hands, because if they make the wrong one, they could be stuck sitting in them for the next 100 years.  

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