Ciara Hamel

HELENA - Ciara Hamel, 18 years old, faces four felony charges after court documents say she didn't want her boyfriend to break up with her.

According to Helena Police, the victim tried to break up with Hamel but she was upset. Hamel first showed up to the victim's workplace on Tuesday, demanding he take his lunch break early to talk to her. Hamel tried to force the victim out of the store by pulling on his forearm. She then hit him with her keys while grabbing his phone.

The victim reported that he went to her home to get his phone back from her, and she put him in a chokehold to try to keep him from leaving.

The following day, Hamel allegedly returned to the victim's work place, upset that he turned off his location on his phone. Hamel ripped the victim's sweatshirt during an attempt to grab the phone and then resorted to picking up a two-by-four piece of wood to threaten him.

Documents say she did tell police that she was upset and acknowledged some of her threatening behavior, although she denied putting him in a chokehold.

She was arrested on the following charges: assault with a weapon, Partner Family Member Assault, stalking and unlawful restraint. 


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