What’s on the Schedule for Day Two of the Legislative Session

Today is the first work day for Montana’s 66th Legislative Session. 

Both the House and Senate are rolling up their sleeves and getting down to business today. The House of Representatives will be working on the Feed Bill. That’s the Bill that gives money to keep the 66th meeting of the Legislature running.  

It takes more than 11 million dollars to fund this year's Legislative Session. 

That’s 3.8 million for the Senate, 6.3 million for the House and 1.3 million for the Legislative Services Division, that’s the people who keep things running.  

On the opposite side of the Capitol Building, the Senate will be voting on the Rules Bills. These Bills basically set the Laws for how the Legislature operates. 

Both chambers make it clear you must have a press pass to access the chambers during session. We’ll be here every step of the way. Stay tuned to Wake Up Montana and abcfoxmontana.com for the latest updates on the Legislature.  

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