Trap Club Flood Mitigation Project underway in Helena Valley

HELENA – The Trap Club Flood Mitigation Project is underway in the Helena Valley, and is designed to protect Rossiter School and move surface flood waters more efficiently through the area.  

In the 2018 floods, approximately 80 cubic feet per second (CFS) was flowing through the area. The project is designed with a capacity of 400 CFS. 

The county will be installing 14 culverts total, and nine of them will be along Sierra Road to Interstate 15. Dan Karlin, the County Engineer, says this came forward as being really critical and a keystone project for the entire valley.  

“Some may or may not know. There is really only three ways across the interstate for water to travel and right here is one of them. So, it’s really important that we address it here,” said Karlin.  

They will be lowering and widening the roadside ditches along Sierra Road between North Montana and I-15. The first four culverts are being constructed by Rossiter School, so school can open and traffic coming in and out of the school can be unaffected. The $2.1 million project is funded through FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant, Lewis and Clark County and the Flood Mitigation Rural Improvement District. 

The project is expected to be complete sometime in late December. Sierra Road will be closed August 6-9th and the county urges residents to take alternate routes and be patient while the project is under construction.  

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